Meet The Team

Dr. Samantha Brooks


Dr. Samantha Marie Brooks is a rare Atlanta native, born and bred just outside the metro area and living and working "ITP" since 2015. The opportunity to work in the field of chiropractic came after many years of medical administration and clinical work in the fields of pediatrics and orthopedics. Soon after beginning a professional career as an advocate for chiropractic care, there was an immediate calling to further her education to serve more people in the health arena. She obtained her certification for Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, working for multiple chiropractors and a naturopath to support their clients through nutrition and health coaching. With the desire to expand her clinical horizons, she then pursued her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University.

During her doctorate program, Dr. Brooks was awarded multiple scholarships. She obtained her Level 1 & 2 certification for Network Spinal Analysis and began certification for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (learn more here) and became Webster Certified, a post-doctoral program which gives chiropractors more analysis and adjusting tools to serve pregnant women and children of all ages. She is also a Trained BIRTHFIT Professional (learn more here). In August 2015, she took on the role of the Business Director for Atlanta Birth Center, a non-profit organization that serves women before, during, and after the childbearing years. With the dedication of herself, the Executive Director, Anjli HInman, CNM, and an amazing grassroots community, a project 6-years in the making finally came to fruition in July 2016. She graduated summa cum laud in early 2016 and was given awards for her work on the Research Track, Philosophy of Human Existence and Healthcare Policy, and the rare Chiropractic Philosophy distinction. Dr. Brooks is delighted to continue to serve the Atlanta community through her work as the Business Director of Atlanta Birth Center and in her own chiropractic practice in a beautiful row house of Baltimore Block, named The Brainery.


Dr. Vernette McKnight


Dr. Vernette H. McKnight was raised in Louisville, Kentucky. After graduating from the University of Louisville with her bachelor’s degree in Psychological Brain Sciences, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2008. While serving as an Exercise Physiologist in a prestigious health club in downtown Atlanta, she earned her Master’s degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention from California University. Growing up as a classically trained ballerina, Dr. Vernette knew early in her life that movement was therapeutic. In 2016, she earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic specializing in neurological disorders such as traumatic brain injuries, developmental delays and learning disorders, and neuromuscular dysfunctional conditions. Dr. Vernette has curated throughout metro Atlanta and surrounding cities, unique holistic promotion programs that merge her educational and practical expertise into a restorative healing experience designed to focus on building healthy communities that heal from within.

Dr. Vernette is the Cognitive & Movement therapist providing spiritual healing through Reiki, Sacred Womb Rituals, and functional movement practices like Pilates, a rehabilitation movement system. Her hunger for learning and experience has inspired her to find a deeper approach to holistic health. Dr. Vernette has a combined 15 years of experience in Psychology, Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Mindful Meditation, and Pilates. As a result, she is deeply involved in the metro Atlanta health and fitness community providing support to women seeking to heal from physical, spiritual, mental and emotional trauma. . Recently Dr. Vernette served as a surrogate for a family delivering twins naturally utilizing the practices offered at the Brainery. She is a living example that self-care and holistic care provides an optimal lifestyle both functionally and spiritually.

Dr. Vernette's mission is to educate and empower women in connecting with and reclaiming their inner feminine power. Equipping women with the knowledge and skills to heal from within. Her personal evolution in cultivating self-awareness has her excited about igniting that desire in other women.


Dr. Melanie Perry


Dr. Melanie Perry grew up in the Hocking Hills of Logan, Ohio. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2013 at Ohio University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and her minor in Psychology. Dr. Melanie’s plan was to go to medical school, but during her last few quarters of college she did her practicum with a chiropractor for improving health and wellness, and realized that chiropractic was more congruent with her ideals that the body already has the innate ability to heal itself, given there was no interference standing in its way. This led her to move to Marietta, Georgia to attend Life University where she received her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree in 2017. Dr. Melanie stresses the importance of whole body wellness, which includes a properly functioning musculoskeletal, immune and nervous systems to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. She is an advocate for a natural, holistic approach to patient care, and emphasizes patient education, giving her patients the confidence to take an active role in their personal journeys to health and wellness. Dr. Melanie is a firm believer in promoting wellness in pediatric patients from the very beginning of their lives, directing the child into adulthood on the right path towards health. She is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and has a special interest in Network Spinal Analysis.

Personally, Dr. Melanie is a physically active person, she enjoys nature walks, kundalini yoga and cycling. She finds joy in giving back to her community by shopping at local farmers markets. She is a true advocate for sustaining a plant-based diet, utilizing the local farmers to eat with the seasons to optimize her own personal health goals.


Charlotte Scott