The Brainery Difference

While Dr. Brooks and her team have found great success using traditional chiropractic adjusting techniques to help alleviate symptoms, they have always known that the human body has far greater potential than simply returning clients to a previous state of being or simply "balancing the legs" to ascertain that an adjustment is finished. They have added in highly researched, neurologically-based healing therapies to traditional chiropractic care to truly maximize human potential through mindfulness coaching and neurologically entrained breath and movement strategies. 


At The Brainery, you will have facilitated training so that your body can effortlessly move between states of balance and dynamic change, sympathetic and parasympathetic control, and clients experience higher levels of health and happiness than they ever thought possible! {see testimonials here link} “Reorganizational Healing” is an approach to healing and life which seeks to optimize existing structures, bringing them into a more dynamicaware, and responsive state while producing NEW, sustainable emerging properties which can assist in self-regulation, growth, and evolution of the systems.


How do we do it?

  • Assess the Triad of Change ~ everyone has a recipe for transformation!
  • S.R.I. (somato-respiratory integration) ~ body-breath exercises to become more aware of the body’s inner rhythms
  • N.S.A (network spinal analysis) ~ to entrain the spine and body to breath and move in ways that unleash stored energy, and one of only a few certified practitioners in the metro-Atlanta area
  • Sound Therapy ~ using music, tuning forks, and crystal bowls to affect the vibrational tone of the nervous system and body
  • Traditional Chiropractic ~ to correct bio-mechanical and structural issues of the joints, when needed. Dr. Brooks is certified in Webster's technique for the pelvic balancing of expecting moms!