"My son and I started working with Dr. Sam when he was just about a month old and was struggling with reflux and nursing challenges. Since we started seeing Dr. Sam, my son's reflux has improved dramatically, his suck has become more coordinated, and I can see him getting stronger and more settled every day. Personally, I am feeling better on both a physical and emotional level. Just a few months ago I was feeling overwhelmed by stress, sleeping fitfully, and dealing with intense neck and shoulder pain. Now I'm riding through the stressful times with ease, am sleeping better than I have in months, and my pain is virtually nonexistent. Even better, my adjustments seem to be holding up really well. With past chiropractors, I would feel good for a few days and then would be in desperate need for another adjustment before a week was out. Now I feel consistently good, and each week when I see Dr. Sam, I end up feeling that much better. In spite of a crazy life with small children, I am feeling more balanced than I ever have!"

- Meg

"As a 25 year old female with chronic endometriosis, I have spent the majority of my adult life with constant pain and discomfort in my lower back. I have done everything from hormone therapy to multiple surgeries in effort to find relief. While surgeries helped, the discomfort remained from years of pain. That is until I found Dr. Books. In just 3 short visits I started to feel relief, and saw immediate change in the way my body was functioning and how I was feeling. . I had no idea how my mood, and outlook on life were so impacted by discomfort until even friends and family started to notice a change in me. Friends and family have even noticed how much more relaxed and comfortable I feel now. Dr. Brooks focuses on the whole picture, not just the source of discomfort, and I have never felt better!"

- LT

"Working with Dr. Sam has been a game changer for my family. When we first came in my daughter was struggling with acid reflux, developmental delays, sleep issues and behavioral problems. After a few months of seeing Dr. Sam on a weekly basis she is now off all her prescription meds, catching up quickly on meeting developmental milestones, sleeping through the night and generally more agreeable/happier. From providing us with resources and tools both in and outside of our chiropractic sessions Dr. Sam has helped us tremendously. Her holistic approach incorporate all of the issues that my daughter has struggled with not just parts or pieces. As a result the healing that's taken place is simply remarkable and I am so grateful. We highly recommend Dr. Sam!"

- Amber